My Little Bedroom in the Woods

See what Mama’s painting for me?! Ain’t it the neatest thing?

Memere and Poppie name their rooms after the places they’ve lived in. My room is called the Northwest room. I’ve got this really cool bedroom set that looks like pine logs, and the rest of the room has this camping theme going, so Mama decided to paint a woodsey mural to go along with it. She says the big mountain in the middle of the mural ‘s supposed to be Mount Rainier (you can barely see it up at the top of the picture).


I’m rather proud of how it’s turning out, considering it’s her first mural ever. This isn’t the finished product–the dogwood’s already been painted over since it just didn’t fit in with the rest of the picture. And there’s going to be a bear and a deer and a chipmunk other stuff too.

The only drawback is that Mama’s been too busy this week. Pout. I tried to help her paint, but I got a bit excited. Mama had to take the brushes away because I was “imitating Jackson Pollock.” Whoever he is. Hopefully she’ll have it done tomorrow (though I’ve been hoping that for the past 4 days)

I’ll post better pictures when she’s finally finished.

the Punkin

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